As the performances on the main stage begin winding down on Sunday night, there are already crews of people beginning the festivals take-down process. The workshop tents are all dismantled and many people are beginning to pack up their campsites for an early exit. After the last performance on the main stage, a large crew assists first with removing all the sound equipment. The next day a group begins to dismantle the stage and pack it in a trailer to make it ready for use the next year. The dance floors, info and ticket tents and the food vendors all begin to disappear.

On Monday morning, the last stragglers begin to pack up their tents. Quickly, Tourist Park becomes the quiet campground that it usually is for the other 51 weekends of the year. Another Hiawatha Traditional Music Fest has come to an end, but the vibe continues and thoughts begin to turn toward next year…

Links –

Bonsior Catin, 2013 – (Cajun) Black Cat Bones

John Gorka, 2013 – (Singer-Songwriter) Where No Monument Stands

Carver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry, 2013 – (Old Time) I’m Gettin’ Ready To Go 

Kaivama, 2013 – (Finnish American) wedding march (title not) known