Hiawatha 2007 Sunday 250

The festival takes place on the second to last weekend of July each year. The festival grounds open to the public at noon on Friday and the rest of the day is spent setting up the last minute details of the festival and the people’s individual campsites. At 7 p.m., the Friday night dance opens the event and features at least one main stage act and at least two types of music. This is one of the most well-attended events of the weekend, with three to four generations of attendees dancing to whatever music is being played. Sometimes a caller leads the group dances and sometimes people can just dance however they wish. It is a special evening that ends before 11 p.m., so that folks in area B can get some quiet time.

Saturday and Sunday have very similar schedules. The main stages performances around noon and continue until around midnight on Saturday at 10 PM on Sunday. In addition to the dance and music workshops, yoga sessions take place in the early morning. One of the most popular traditions is the Sunday Morning Comin’ Down (Gospel Hour) which takes place in the dance tent. At this event, main stage and local performers do sets of traditional and non denominational Gospel songs. It is a cross between a revival meeting and a hootenanny, and is very well attended each year.

“The excitement builds as the day goes on until finally the Friday night dance begins, music resounds through the park and the dance floor fills. Another festival has begun!”

– Sue Bertram

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